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Upgrading interiors for professional premises

Practice Profile is an interiors refurbishment service that upgrades your premises in a practical and economic way.

Practice Profile is an economic interiors refurbishment service that upgrades your premises without ripping out perfectly good fixtures (if you have them).

We re-design your interior around your existing fixtures – refinishing, relaminating reception desks and adding supplementary display and storage. Bright, low-energy lighting and durable floorings and finishes are installed. Display units, that are unique to us, are provided that enhance your products whether these are spectacles or animal protein meals.

We focus on ergonomic seating that is comfortable for all ages and sizes including older and less able customers.

Our Finance partner provides finance on all of the design work, installations and goods supplied.

All work is carried out without the need for you to stop trading. Our team works out of hours and weekends and leaves your premises neat and tidy for you and your staff to continue working when you arrive in the morning (or the late shift).

Office Interior Design Bristol - Practice Profile

Workplace design

The interior of your building communicates your image and values through the eyes and senses of the people that visit and work there.

Optician Interior Design Bristol - Practice Profile

Opticians’ practices

Displaying spectacles is an important part of an optician’s business as well as providing an ergonomic through-flow of patients and sufficient waiting space.

Doctors Surgeries Interior Design Bristol - Practice Profile

Doctors’ surgeries

Practice managers are dealing with a need for intensely durable finishes that will resist soiling and can be kept hygienic as well as presenting a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Complementary Health Interior Design Bristol - Practice Profile

Complementary health

Osteopaths, acupuncturists and other complementary health practitioners are now aligning with mainstream medical services. We help to present streamlined and professional premises.

Solicitor Interior Design Bristol - Practice Profile

Solicitors’ offices

The traditional idea of presenting modestly down- at-heel premises can convey the message that your service is out of touch and out of date. By comparison the large leading practices in the UK are working from high-design, contemporary offices. We help you present your unique image.

Dental Interior Design Bristol - Practice Profile

Dentists’ practices

Dentists now operate in the world of high fashion with the increase in cosmetic dentistry. Premises need to convey an equal level of attention to aesthetic presentation underpinned by solid professionalism.